Pronounced Chih-wah-waah, the Chihuahua is the world's smallest dog. This breed was 
named after the state of Chihuahua, in Mexico, but the origin of the breed is disputed. Did
they come to Mexico from Egypt via the Mediterranean, or from China, another theory, or 
was it developed exclusively in Central and South America from the Techichi, a native 
canine? After the Spanish Conquest in 1519 the breed was totally ignored and almost 
became extinct. American tourists in 1850 returned with specimens, but attracted little 
notice, until decades later a popular entertainer, Xavier Cugat, "the Rhumba king" 
appeared everywhere with his tiny teacup Chihuahua. Today, this tiny canine is one of the 
most popular in North America. Note, serious fanciers of the breed never refer to tiny specimens as teacup Chihuahuas. Puppymill breeders however, use that popular term to obtain higher unwarranted prices. 

The breed is graceful, alert, swift-moving with a saucy expression, possessing a terrier-like attitude.  Usually reserved with strangers, some Chihuahuas are protective while others are shy.  The breed is usually devoted and bonded to one person.  It is compact with a well rounded "apple dome" skull. The eyes are full, set well apart, luminous, dark or ruby. The ears are large, held erect, and flare to the sides.  The body is well balanced, slightly longer than high.

There are two varieties, the short coat and the long coat. The long hair Chihuahua was perhaps developed entirely in the US by crossing the smooth coat variety to the Pomeranian, the Papillon and maybe others.

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A Chihuahua is an hypoallergenic breed.  This is why it is recommended by allergists.  You can enjoy having a Chi regardless of an asthma condition.  Please check out our client corner where you will see Nathan, a double lung transplant patient, who was given permission by his surgeons to accept one of our Chi's as a special Christmas gift from Marion.  Nathan continues to do well, is off the ventillator and back home in VA.                  
The AKC standard for a Chihuahua is listed as being anywhere from 2 lbs. to 6 lbs. when fully grown, however we feel that 2 lbs. is on the small side.  A Chihuahua weighing 7lbs. or 10 lbs. as an adult is still perfectly normal and healthier looking than a tiny little 2 lbs. Chihuahua.  A fully grown Chihuahua weighing 2 lbs. should NEVER be used for breeding purposes as the Mother is at a high risk of dying during delivery and subsequent 'C' section.  Her puppies are also at a higher risk of being born dead.  Please be a responsible owner and prevent a serious double tragedy and have your tiny Chihuahua spayed or neutered.       
                                      The puppies below were all pre-sold prior to their delivery on 13th. October 2011
 Amulet Marroca the proud father.

  Sheba resting between nursing her beautiful babies.  October 28th. 2011.
       Simba, Mya, Precious and Dizzy
Marroca and Sheba's litter born 10/13/11  
Mommy Sheba bathing her babies.
Don't we all look beautiful at eight weeks of age? 
Top Left - Precious
   Top Right - Dizzy
   Center- Simba
       Bottom - Mya
A 'Demetris Demi Chihuahua' is a coveted
    Chihuahua who will give his/her new
       family unconditional love forever!  
Mommy Sheba snuggles with her babies.
 Allie and Marroca's puppies were born on Monday February 27th. 2012.  All were reserved prior to being born.  Allie's next litter should be due in the Fall of 2013.  If you wish to have your name added to our waiting list please contact Marion at (252) 443-2348, or e-mail her at:  Courier transportation by Airline or vehicle is available as Marion refuses to ship her precious puppies like Cargo.  Each puppy comes pre-registered and has a Health Certificate.  They will be up to date on all de-wormings and immunizations.  Thank you.  Marion Moore. 

   Allie and Marroca's puppies are 24 hours old in this photograph.  They had 4 males and one female.