A Chihuahua is an hypoallergenic breed.  This is why it is recommended by allergists.  You can enjoy having a Chi regardless of an asthma condition.  Please check out our client corner where you will see Nathan, a double lung transplant patient, who was given permission by his surgeons to accept one of our Chi's as a special Christmas gift from Marion.  Nathan continues to do well, is off the ventillator and back home in VA.                  
The AKC standard for a Chihuahua is listed as being anywhere from 2 lbs. to 6 lbs. when full grown, however we feel that 2 lbs. is on the small side.  A Chihuahua weighing 7 or 10 lbs. as an adult is still perfectly normal and healthier looking than a tiny little 2 lbs. Chi.  A full grown Chihuahua weighing 2 lbs. should NEVER be used for breeding purposes as the Mother is at a high risk of dying during delivery and subsequent 'C' section.  Her puppies are also at a higher risk of being born dead.  Prevent a serious double tragedy and have your tiny Chi spayed.     

       The Purchase Price of a 'Demetris Demi Chihuahua' is $850.00
A responsible person who is considering adding a Chihuahua puppy to their household needs to shop around in order to find THE perfect puppy that will give them many years of enjoyment, filled with unconditional love.

When purchasing that special new family member, I encourage  everyone to remember that old saying - 
      !    BUYER BEWARE  !
There are literally thousands of Breeders out there, and I am truly honored that you chose to visit my website.  

I breed my Chihuahuas according to the AKC Standard.  This requires me to meet the requirements set out in the AKC guidelines.  

First and foremost, I became a breeder in order to provide potential clients a healthy and happy  well-adjusted sociable Chihuahua;  one capable of being introduced to an already established home where there is already a young child, dog or cat dominating the scene.  

Setting a 'price' for my Chihuahua puppies was not an easy task.  After a great deal of research, I became aware that there are breeders who only breed in order to make a 'quick buck' - please excuse the expression.  I breed because I love these precious little babies!  I want to provide the healthiest happiest well-adjusted pets for my clients.   
I do NOT require a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 until AFTER a client has selected his/her perfect puppy.  A balance of $650.00 is due before taking puppy to his 'forever' loving home.  A 'Puppy Fund' can be set up over the months prior to the delivery or pick-up date and these funds are held in escrow until that agreed upon date.  Some of my clients have found this a perfect way to save themselves from having to part with the entire amount on the delivery date.  I also suggest that this 'Puppy Fund' be established at the clients' own banking facility so that they do not lose any interest on their hard-earned money.

The top photograph is of AKC registered 'Lokey's Angel Love' whom we call Allie.  She is a Grand Champion sired LH (longhair) Chihuahua.  Because she was bred to a SH (short haired) Sire, her puppies were all shorthaired. This photograph was taken when the puppies were one week old. 

The other photographs show the progression of the growth pattern of Allie's puppies, from learning to use a 'Puppy Potty Pad' until they reached eight weeks of age.  Notice how the coats have changed color throughout these eight weeks.  For example, the black mask on the face of the puppy in the first photograph has completely disappeared.  It takes several weeks before the color is well established.
If you are interested in having your name added to one of our waiting lists, whether it is in regards to Allie's next litter which is due around 29th. February or for a litter next year, you can reach us either by e-mail at:  mar2winmarion@aol.com or telephone us
at:  (252) 443-2348.  Thank you.  Marion and Richard Moore.
The photograph above is of a sweet little girl who was taking a puppy home in time for Christmas 2010.  The puppy is from a previous Dam named 'Demetris Demi Black Beauty', aka Bootsie.   
Please be a responsible pet owner and have your puppy spayed or neutered.
Please be a responsible pet owner and
have your puppy spayed or neutered.